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  • 1 WordPress Installation
  • Dual Core CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
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WP Unlimited

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  • Unlimited WordPress Installation
  • Dual Core CPU Core
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Unlimited NVMe Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
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No need for any legwork - Your WordPress hosting comes pre-configured with the latest version of WordPress and is ready-to-use the moment you buy it.


Any patches or version upgrades released by WordPress are automatically installed for your packages, not only making your sites future-proof but also more secure.


Get the best-performing WordPress sites with our Cloud Hosting. With cache and CDN auto-configured on all your packages, pages load much faster with the least amount of resources.

Security Suite

Security Suite

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Get a time machine for all your WordPress sites. With CodeGuard automatically set up for any site you create, your data is always protected and regularly backed up.

  • Prevent malicious coding from hackers
  • Prevent Hosting Server Corruption
  • Restore accidentally deleted files
  • For moving the site from one server to another

No need to worry about viruses or hacking attempts. All your WordPress sites will be regularly scanned for malware with SiteLock's advanced security tools.

  • Improve performance
  • No Plugin needed
  • Web application Firewall
  • Blacklist Monitoring & Removal

WordPress powers 27% of websites on the Internet

Build anything - a blog, a static website or an ecommerce shop

Ready-made Themes

Choose from over 25,000+ themes available for any type of business, portfolio, or blog.


With pre-integrated SEO friendly module, drive maximum traffic to your site through search engines.

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Diversified Plugins

Add features to your websites by installing plugins in a few clicks.

Mobile Compatible

Create and even edit your site on any mobile device seamlessly.

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Blazing-Fast Load Time

With top-of-the-line hardware and caching - which stores your site’s most used pages, and a globally distributed CDN, your site is served upto 2x faster.

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Instant Scaling

No need to move your hosting as your traffic grows. Ramp up your resources at the click of a button - instantly add RAM and CPU without a reboot.

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Your Data - Safeguarded

Our industry-leading Ceph-based storage system stores your website data across 3 distinct devices to ensure redundancy and safety.

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Automatic Failover

If we detect a hardware issue, we automatically move your site to another server, ensuring that your site is always up and you never lose traffic.

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Plan Features
Disk Space ? Refers to the amount of space to store your website files, databases, emails, and more. Our web servers are all RAID-protected with redundant fault-tolerant hard disks.
20 GB NVMe Storage 50 GB NVMe Storage 100 GB NVMe Storage
LVE Resources ? Powered by Cloudlinux, each individual account has a limited amount of resource to maintain overall stability and security.
Bandwidth ? Also referred to as “data transfer,” this is the amount of data that can be transferred between your website and Internet users.
Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Free Migration
Yes Yes Yes
Hosted Domains ? Number of domains with their own web sites, email accounts and DNS records that you may host under your cPanel account.
1 5 Unlimited
Parked Domains ? Additional domain names that are hosted in your account, but don't have their own content. They point to the contents of the primary domain.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains ? Subdomains allow you to create separate websites as subsections of your domain. For example, is the subdomain of the domain.
1 5 Unlimited
cPanel (Control Panel) ? The leading control panel which allows you to manage your content, email and FTP accounts, etc. (demo)
Website Builder ? Our drag-and-drop editor lets you easily create your website without knowing any code.
cPanel 2FA ? Two-Factor Authentication works to improve overall security by requiring two forms of identification: 1) your password 2) a generated security code
Free Apps ? All of our hosting plans include the Softaculous Apps Marketplace. This includes over 100 free Apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, SMF, photo gallery and other software.
250+ apps with 1-click install 250+ apps with 1-click install 250+ apps with 1-click install
FTP Users ? Amount of users that can be created in your account to use FTP connection. It allows you to connect to the server, upload/look through the uploaded files to the server.
1 5 Unlimited
Money-Back Guarantee ? If you’re not fully satisfied with our service, you can receive a full refund within a certain time frame.
30 days 30 days 30 days
Email Features
Email Accounts ? Total amount of email accounts that can be created for all your domains and subdomains in the hosting account.
1 5 Unlimited
Email Forwarders ? This feature allows you to forward a copy of any email sent to one of your email accounts to some other email address.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Autoresponders ? These allow you to configure automatic email response messages. For example, a vacation notice.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Webmail ? An interface which is used to access your mail via web-browser. We offer Horde, Squirrelmail and RoundCube webmail interfaces.
SMTP, POP3, IMAP ? Standard protocols that can be used for email sending and receiving.
SpamAssassin ? Spam protection tool installed on our servers which can be easily enabled and configured through your cPanel.
Mailing Lists ? This feature allows you to create a list of email addresses and send them an email by specifying a single address.
10 Unlimited Unlimited
Catch All Facility ? Allows you to receive all emails that are sent to an address that does not exist to the default email address created in your cPanel.
SPF ? This record will specify which machines are authorized to send email from your domain(s). Only mail sent through these servers will appear as valid mail when the SPF records are checked.
Domain Keys ? An e-mail authentication system that allows for incoming mail to be checked against the server it was sent from to verify that the mail has not been modified.
BoxTrapper ? BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by requiring all email senders not on your Whitelist reply to a verification email before you can receive their mail.
CSV Import (Email & Forwarders) ? This feature allows you to use .csv files to create multiple email addresses or email forwarders for your account simultaneously.
Jellyfish Spam Protection ? An advanced and user-friendly email filtering solution that allows to protect your account from both incoming and outgoing spam.
Databases Features
MySQL Databases ? Open source relational database management system that is used by CMS-software (such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) to store and retrieve all your blog information.
50 Unlimited Unlimited
PHP MyAdmin ? A third-party tool included with cPanel, used for managing MySQL databases over the Internet.
PostgreSQL Databases ? Based on an object-relational management system PostgreSQL databases that allow you to manage the data which is used with CMS-software such as MediaWiki, Drupal, OpenCms etc.
- Unlimited Unlimited
PHP PgAdmin ? A third-party tool included with cPanel, used for managing PostgreSQL databases over the Internet.
Server Features
Webserver ? Web-server version installed on our servers.
Apache/Litespeed Apache/Litespeed Apache/Litespeed
PHP 5.X - 8.X ? Scripting language versions installed on our servers. PHP version can be selected in your cPanel account.
Node.JS 6.X - 14.X ? JavaScript run-time environment to execute javascript applications on a server side. Version can be selected in your cPanel account.
Python 2.X - 3.X ? Scripting language versions installed on our servers. Python version can be selected in your cPanel account.
Ruby 1.X - 2.X ? Scripting language versions installed on our servers. Ruby version can be selected in your cPanel account.
MariaDB 10.X.X ? Relational database management system version installed on our servers.
CGI ? Common Gateway Interface defines a way for a web server to interact with external content-generating programs. The program run by CGI can be any type of executable file. For example, you can use Perl, Python scripts, or other, similar languages.
Perl ? A high-level, general-purpose, interpreted and dynamic programming language which is installed on our servers.
Javascript ? Javascript is a client-side scripting language run in a web browser. It allows you to use .js files.
SSI ? Server Side Include – is a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic webpages by inserting the content of one file into another.
SSH Access (Jailed) ? Secure remote command line access to your account. Jailed SSH gives you limited shell access where only basic shell commands are allowed, and the usage is limited to your account. To get jailed ssh enabled please submit a request to our helpdesk.
eAccelerator ? An eAccelerator increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state, and optimizes php scripts to speed up their execution.
- -
xCache ? xCache accelerates the performance of PHP on servers by caching the compiled state of PHP scripts into the RAM.
- -
Control Panel Features
Backup Manager ? Allows you to download a zipped copy of your entire site or parts of it onto your computer or restore parts of your hosting account by uploading your partial backup zip file(s).
Virus Scanner ? With ClamAV™ Virus Scanner you can scan your mail, entire home directory, public web space and public FTP space.
Google Apps ? You can easily configure your domain name for Google Email, Calendar and Docs using this feature.
Image Manager ? Allows you to resize an entire directory of images to your preferred size and store them in a folder called thumbnails, resize individual images and convert one type of image file to another.
Apache Handlers Manager ? This allows you to manage apache handlers. Apache comes configured to handle CGI scripts and server-parsed files. You can configure Apache to handle a new file type with an existing handler by manually adding the handler and extension.
Hotlink Protection ? This prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website (e.g. restricts displaying your images on other websites). They will still be able to link to any file type that you don’t specify.
IP Deny Manager ? A feature which is used to deny access to your site from a specific (or a range of) IP address(es).
Index Manager ? This allows you to customize the way a directory will be viewed on the web. You can select between a default style, no indexes, or two types of indexing.
Leech Protect ? A feature which sets the maximum number of logins that can occur within a 2-hour time limit in order to protect your site from brute-force attack.
Mailman List Manager ? This allows you to create mailing lists and use a single address to send mail to multiple email addresses.
MIME Types Manager ? Use this to specify how certain file extensions are handled by web browsers. MIME types can allow browsers to handle new technologies as they become available.
Network Tools ? These allow you to find out the IP address of any domain, as well as DNS information about that domain, or trace the route from the computer you are accessing cPanel from, to the server your site is on.
PGP/GPG ? Use GnuPG key to encrypt your outgoing emails. Messages are encrypted with a public key. Only the intended recipient, who has the private key, can decrypt the message.
Redirect Manager ? This allows you to send all visitors of a domain or particular page to a different URL.
Simple CGI Wrapper ? Allows you to create a special folder, called /scgi-bin, inside your /public_html directory in order for the scripts placed in this folder to be handled as CGI scripts.
Server Status Viewer ? This set of features allows you to access several lists to view information regarding your server. This can be helpful when troubleshooting both hardware and software issues.
Change Language ? You can easily change cPanel interface language using "Change Language" feature.
Web Disk ? Use a Web Disk account to manage, navigate, upload, and download the website's files as if they were on your local drive.
Directory Privacy ? Set a password to protect certain directories of your account. When visitors attempt to view that directory via the website, they will be asked to log in.
Customizable php.ini ? You can manage all PHP settings with the help of your local php.ini file, such as whether global variables are turned on or the default directory to upload files to when writing upload scripts.
Cron Jobs ? Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that take place at predefined times or intervals on the server. Often, a cron job is a series of simple tasks executed from a script file.
Simple DNS Zone Editor ? This feature allows you to create and delete A and CNAME records for your subdomain names.
Advanced DNS Zone Editor ? This allows you to create and edit DNS records (A, TXT, CNAME, SRV) for your domains and subdomains.
Install PHP PEAR Packages ? PEAR packages are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP.
Install Perl Modules ? Perl modules are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.
Install Ruby Gems ? Ruby Gems are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby.
CodeGuard Backup ? Sign up for CodeGuard - a leading backup, monitoring, and restore service on the web. Access it from your cPanel.
SSL/TLS Manager ? Generates and manages SSL certificates, signing requests, and keys.
SSL Host Installer ? Creates SSL hosts for domains that are attached to your cPanel account.
Hostgrid ssl ? Allows to auto-install single-domain DV SSL certificates purchased at Namecheap.
Statistic/Web Stats
AWStats ? Displays information about who is accessing your website. The information is displayed in graphs and tables, and divided into monthly, daily, and hourly averages.
Raw Logs Statistics ? Raw access logs are text files that contain information about your visitors and what content on your website they have accessed.
Error Logs ? This feature displays the last 300 errors that have occurred on your website. This can be useful for finding and fixing broken links and misconfigured web applications.
Bandwidth Stats ? Displays bandwidth usage information, allowing you to monitor the heaviest traffic times for your site, as well as help you to decide whether you should get more bandwidth.
Disk Usage Viewer ? This shows how you use your account's disk space.
Latest Visitors ? This function will show information regarding the last 300 people to visit your website.
Resource Usage ? You can view statistics of server resources usage such as CPU, memory and entry processes.
Google Analytics Compatible ? Fully compatible with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
Softaculous Script Installer ? Helps to install more than 200 different scripts on your website in several clicks.
Blogs ? Using cPanel’s script installer, you can install blogs like WordPress, b2evolution, Open Blog and more.
Portals/CMS ? A content management system (CMS) is a computer application used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently organized fashion such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.
Customer Support ? You can create your own helpdesk and client area by installing support systems like Vision Helpdesk, osTicket, HESK, etc.
Discussion Boards ? Online discussion sites where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.
E-Commerce ? Software which is used for buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.
FAQ ? A free, database-driven web-based application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your site.
Hosting Billing ? Full billing/invoicing applications which are perfect for web hosting resellers and are used to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and help desk.
Image Galleries ? Software which allows you to upload images to your website. Your images will be stored onto a server and the individual different types of code will be shown to allow others to view images.
Polls and Surveys ? Helps you to create some questionnaire and checklist forms.
Project Management ? Allows you to manage your privileges, calendar, contacts, time card, projects, chat, forum, request tracker, mail client, files, notes, bookmarks, to-do list, reminder, voting, language support.
Site Builders ? A software which is used to build, maintain and manage your personal or business website.
Wiki ? A website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.
Support Features
24/7 Live Chat ? We’re always available to customers in our 24/7 Live Chat.
24/7 Help Desk ? Browse our extensive Knowledgebase, read the latest news and announcements as well as submit tickets to our 24/7 Help Desk.
Instant Setup ? When your order is complete, your chosen plan gets automatically set up. To get started, check your “Welcome Email” for your cPanel login details.
Transfer Assistance ? Our migration specialists will transfer your hosting account to our servers from any other cPanel based hosting provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, You cannot change upgrade or downgrade plans, however the amount of RAM and CPU cores for your plan can be upgraded.

No, you cannot add more WordPress installations to any plan. The number of WordPress installations will remain fixed.

Currently, the included SiteLock and CodeGuard plans cannot be upgraded.

Yes, you can use any 3rd party email service for your domain. In case you are using the default name servers provided with WordPress Hosting, please contact our Support team to update the relevant DNS records for your blog.

No, you cannot use an existing certificate. You will need to generate a CSR from the WordPress Hosting panel and get a certificate issued which can be installed from the panel.

Yes, WordPress core updates will be enabled by default.

No, WordPress Hosting does not have a money back period.

No, Multisite is not supported.

No, cPanel access is not provided with WordPress Hosting.

Yes. When you purchase a WordPress Hosting order, Free SSL powered by Let's Encrypt, is automatically generated and installed for all domains associated with the package

WordPress Hosting plans are economical plans without automatic backups and anti-malware. WordPress Hosting + Security plans have the same specifications as that of the WordPress hosting plans, including automatic cloud backups and anti-malware at a cost difference.